Saturday, June 6, 2020

The new reality

Stores were just allowed to open - life was jumpstarting back to life when a video surfaced of a few bad seeds arresting a man and allowing him to die. No, there is no need to name the place or names - those have been given enough press by now.

People were already frustrated by the mandatory quarantine and the death ignited a firestorm of emotions. Nationwide protest marches were organized.

I get that. America was a long history of legal, non-violent, protesting. I am okay with that. When walking turns to looting, burning, and destruction - or even worse, hurting others, that is wrong in my book.

Sadly, the chaos we have seen in our cities has nothing to do with the death of one black man, in my opinion. Those contributing to his death will face the criminal justice system and the due process associated with it. That is how our system works. Burning down a neighbor's home or business won't help any cause and actually makes things worse.

I tried to ask a relative of mine why there wasn't the same outrage for the crazy amount of injuries and deaths among the inner-city minorities. My husband and I lived and worked in multiple inner city areas. We saw the poverty and crime. It hasn't changed since the 1980's. Where are the marches for those victims?

I'll tell you: those men, women, and children do not meet a need for a political adjenda. No one cares so no one screams out for the injustices done against them. Point it out to the millennials and you are called racist.

No, I'm not. No one ordered me or my husband to work in East Los Angeles or Oakland. We CHOSE to work  and live there. My husband and  I helped folks because they needed it.

Racist? You better look in the mirror before you call either if us racist.

It is time to move on folks and realize that people should be judged by actions, not skin color.  Get rid of the "whatever-American" and just say "American". Be proud of who we are as a country.

Just saying.

Stay safe out there.

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